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Feldklasse Rukaby: A hoe is easy on the back and wallet for early hoeing in seedlings and saplings


Whether seedlings in forest nurseries such as oak, poplar and maple or cuttings as grafting rootstocks - weed control is a challenge in all early nursery crops. As a rule, plants are grown in dense rows with a row spacing of 20 to 25 cm.

Especially in the early phase of nursery crops, weed control is a challenge: the use of herbicides is becoming more and more restricted, hand weeding is becoming more and more expensive and the hoeing machines have to leave a large distance to the rows to avoid burying the plants.

This is exactly where the Rukaby hoe from Feldklasse comes in. With its rotating coulters, it fights the weeds - like a slow-moving tiller - without moving the soil sideways and does not get clogged even with a lot and large weeds due to the self-cleaning rotation.

This means that up to a plant height of approx. 10 cm, you can get much closer to the row than with conventional hoes. With straight rows, it is possible to hoe to within one centimetre of the row!

The hoe is adapted to the soil conditions. On light soils, the tools pull the weeds out of the soil, very effectively weeding the fine roots of the weeds.

On harder soils, the weeds are cut or buried. In addition, a toothed disc or a cutting disc can be used to cut through a crust up to 2 cm thick, so that young plants are not torn out with the crust if necessary. The advantage of the Rukaby over the brush or hoe is that it can be used on all soil types and can be used a little closer to the row.

The chipper is steered either in the intermediate axle attachment or in the rear attachment with a camera-controlled steering system.

Feldklasse will demonstrate the Rukaby on 23.08.2023 at the Nursery Technology trade fair, North Rhine Westphalia. Another opportunity to test the machine is offered by the company Bunk Pflanzen from Elmshorn, Germany. They already have a lot of experience with the system and also use the machine on a contract basis. Or contact us directly here.

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