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Detail improvements

Better is the enemy of good. The Pacorel now is equipped with a support wheel, the Rukaby with divisible tools and automatic depth guidance.


Lateral underside view of a Feldklasse Rukaby

Especially for strongly varying soil hardness, we have selectively improved both products:

The Pacorel now comes with an optional support wheel, in addition to the serrated disks on the front shaft, in order to optimise depth guidance of the whole aggregate. That way, the serrated disks can focus on their main task: breaking up the crust along the row, so that no small crops are lifted up.


The Rukaby now has an improved depth guidance, by means of a special button and the electrohydraulic control of working depth. Thus the parallelogram struts of the machine are relieved in a sensitive way. Besides, the Rukaby is now equipped with divisible tools, making the quick switching of row spacing even easier.

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