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When tradition and innovation in Agtech are perfectly combined, it is called Feldklasse.

First there was manual work. Then came hoeing machines. Then chemicals. Then environmental awareness. Suddenly hoeing machines were interesting again, if only they could be more precise and efficient. This was the birth of Feldklasse – whose new approach has meant a veritable revolution in vegetable cultivation.


Close, closer, Feldklasse.

Thanks to its clever technique, Feldklasse gets closer to the row than any other machine, allowing for a side clearance as small as 1.5 cm. Weeds are removed cleanly, without harming the crop. That way, you can work 70% more efficiently than by hand-weeding, and 50% more efficiently than with competitors' hoeing machines.

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The right one for each type of cultivation.

Feldklasse currently offers two models, a third one is under development. The Rukaby is specialised in bed cultivation, the Pacorel in ridges, and the Zurama will be designed for use in the field. What all machines have in common: an extreme precision and comfortable operation that you usually do not find in mechanical weeding.

Product overview


years is the average time it takes in case of a bed or ridge cultivation area of 37 acres, until our machines have paid for themselves.*

*in the basic configuration

The better hoeing technique – this is how it works:

Serrated disks loosen the soil

First, rotating serrated disks loosen the soil, without pushing it aside. Thus the vulnerable seedling remains unharmed, despite the small clearance. Soil structure is improved and the crust on it broken up so carefully that its clods cannot cause any damage.

Rotating blades remove the weeds

Now the rotating blades take action. The trick: their rotation speed is twice as fast as that of the serrated washers. This makes them able to lever out root weeds, seed weeds and grass weeds, catapulting them to the surface. Thanks to this technique, weed roots are freed of soil effectively. Besides the speed facilitates self-cleaning, so that stones, larger weed quantities or mulch material in the soil are no problem.

Infinite flexibility

Since the tools can be freely positioned, it is possible to work single, double and triple rows. That way, you can meet the individual needs of the most diverse crop types, without having to use a different device.

Uncompromising comfort

Despite its mechanical operation, Feldklasse offers modern convenience in non-chemical weed control. You would like to be economical with your strength and always have a clear view of everything? Optionally, hydraulic steering and a camera can assist you with easy and accurate hoeing.

»Feldklasse combines ecological aspects with well-engineered technology, empowering you to meet the challenges of modern farming. Because the environmental and political framework is constantly changing. We want to work with Nature, not against her.«

– André Dülks, Founder and Managing Director of Feldklasse GmbH

Hand in bed holding ejected weed

»We especially appreciate Feldklasse when, due to weather conditions, the false seed bed hasn't yet been able to sufficiently reduce weeds – or when herbicides prove ineffective.«

Joachim Raedt, Raedt Gemüsebau
Feldklasse Rukaby in conventional bed cultivation of baby leaf

»Feldklasse allows for accurate hoeing between double rows. That saves us a lot of manual work. A simple technique with great effectiveness.«

Günter Achleitner, Achleitner Biogemüse KG
Feldklasse Pacorel in ridge cultivation of organic carrots and parsnips


Vegetable farmer in field with carrots in his hands
Feldklasse Team in front of a field

We “rotate” around you.

Feldklasse also stands for presence. Our young team pulls the potatoes out of the fire for you in any situation. Driven by true passion for agriculture and a clear mission, we are only satisfied when you are.

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